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Portable Exhibit Booths

Exhibitrix combines praticality with outstanding appearance and is today's most versatiele portable exhibit system. It is a "must" for any innovative company in the dynamic world of Trade Show marketing.

Exhibitrix is an integrated system which assembles and dismantles without tools. Reconfiguring the design is achieved by simply adding or subtracting panels by means of a polymer post. Its sheer versaltility as system is unmatched. There is almost unlimited scope in design as it can be used either as a simple backwall or as a complete design incorporating towers, canopies, bridges, counters, cabinets, etc.

Exhibitrix's panels are easily joined by unique polymer posts which slide vertically between panels to form a connection. The panel system is completely modular making expansion, reconfiguring and down sizing simple. Panels can be easily repositioned, allowing for numerous setup designs using the same parts and components.

Exhibitrix accommodates a variety of graphic and lighting options. Pictures or signs can be facotry installed into the panels and backlit for added impact and convience. The Exhibitrix's frame work is availble in black, grey, white and grey granite. Panels are available in fabric, polymer, slatwall, plexiglass and ready to use light box.Exhibitrix is light weight, portable and are conveniently packed in a hard-shell polymer case which can be shipped UPS with ease.

Simple backwalls assemble in minutes without any tools


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